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At Brisbane Appliance Repair Service we are constantly striving to providing our customers with the very best in all air conditioning services. Our experienced and dedicated team is equipped to help with all your air-con requirements.

Be it ducted air conditioning or a split system air conditioner our team can handle all types of installations, repair or service work in Sydney.

Our determination to deliver the best-customised service to our customers is what makes us different from the others.

We believe that regardless of the season, regular Air Conditioning Service in Brisbane is essential. Without regular maintenance there is a greater chance that your air conditioner could break down or become inefficient.

All of our services come with a detailed 19 point PDF report, which detailing everything from system efficiency and performance to condition of all associated parts.

Regular use of your system causes dirt, dust and allergens to build up inside your unit. Regular servicing ensures your system runs efficiently, keeping your air clean and you're household healthy. Having your system serviced by Brisbane Appliance Repair Service will keep it working at peak performance and help save you money in the long run.

For best results its best to get a qualified air conditioning specialists to clean your system. It will leave your system feeling like its brand new again.

Don’t settle for cheap inferior cleaning services.